On-Boarding process for SHO clients of DAO Maker
This is a detailed, step-by-step on-boarding guide to a Strong Holder Offering on DAO Maker. Please read this document carefully before asking any questions in the dedicated group.
Step 1: Due Diligence Process
  • First things first - you need to fill out our standard questionnaire. You can find it at apply.daomaker.com. Please make sure that you fill in the questions diligently and as accurately as possible.

  • Once applied, our team reviews all applications on a weekly basis and reaches out to companies that passed the preliminary screening via the contact information provided in the questionnaire.

  • The next step is a call with the founders of the project. You will speak with one of our lead analysts in order to evaluate if the team is motivated enough for the long-term, and if it is prepared to take care of their users. It is important for us to see that the teams we work with are receptive to feedback and/or criticism it.
  • After the call follows the evaluation of Token metrics, Inflation models and Fiscal policies of the project. Often we request changes to the token metrics to create a more sustainable and successful project. Our changes are based on large amounts of data, feedback and know-how that we acquired by hosting over 50 token sales in the last 12 months, 5 of which reached $1B+ market capitalization.

  • Once an agreement has been reached on the Token metrics, we conclude the Due Diligence Process and officially accept a project to a SHO on DAO Maker. If a project looks very promising, but lacks a lot of fundamentals required to be publicly traded, we often suggest them to join our acceleration program that can last anywhere between one and three months. This is where we bring your project up to the level necessary to get the most out of it.
Step 2: Contracts & Legals
  • Once a client is approved by DAO Maker for a token sale and marketing push, we move forward to the contract stage of the process. DAO Maker provides strong branding and stamp-of-approval for all companies that it hosts. Only 5% of all our sales went below listing price, while most of them grew sustainably. This provides users with a strong sense of confidence, considering our track record. In order to ensure that our brand and confidence-boosting quality is not damaged, we require our clients to provide us with the following documents:

  • Legal Opinion letter stating that the coin is not considered a security from UK, US or Singapore based law firms. If you need help with this we can connect you to several law firms. This step will be additionally required by all exchanges.

  • KYC & AML on-boarding process of the majority shareholders (>25%) of the company, described in the legal opinion letter. This is also required by all exchanges.

  • Certificate of incorporation, articles of associations, share and director's registers of coin holding companies, issued not longer than 3 months before submission.
  • SHO Contract signed by either CEO, CFO, COO.

  • Private Sale SAFT for DAO Maker: If we approve a sale to the platform we always require to also be part of the private sale of it to align interests with our clients and users.

  • Dao Maker FARMS: SHO clients get to enjoy the spotlight on the DAO Pad and several months of marketing campaigns for free. The duration of the campaign will be determined by the amount of client’s tokens deployed on the DAO platform with a minimum 100,000 USD every 2 months.

  • Audit of the token contract. This is required by DAO Maker and all exchanges. If companies do not have an audit yet then we can help organise one.
Step 3: Marketing, Cap Table & Key-Opinion-Leaders (KOLs)
  • Initiating the work for the Research Page on the DAO Pad. This is the most important document that reaches investors - here, they can find out all details of your project, including token metrics, token utility, go-to-market and more.

  • Creation of infographics for the DAO Pad Page.

  • Working on Cap table optimization. DAO Maker often requires you to make changes to the Cap table. These changes are accompanied by sound reasoning and clear data gathered during many successful token sales. We often refund and/or reduce allocation of investors, which do not provide value in order to redistribute that allocation to value-adding investors and marketeers (KOLs).

  • Confirmation of Token metrics for the DAO Pad Research Page.
  • Distribution of allocations to Key Opinion leaders. (Not always necessary or requested).

  • Working towards marketing standards being met. Often DAO Maker will require its clients to reach certain marketing KPIs, such as social media states and influencer involvement.

  • Pre-Announcement marketing can take between 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the level of the project's awareness and marketing capabilities.
Step 4: Liquidity Planning, Public Sale, Exchange Listings
  • DAO Maker offers treasury-management and trading-consulting services, as well as ensuring that our clients can focus solely on building their companies. These services are performed for an additional charge. They include:

  • Marketing consulting, liquidity-mining consulting, management of the price-opening on exchanges, exchange mediation and introduction. Most of our clients opt for the treasury-service management as well - we are happy to consult you about this service in a separate call.

  • Prior to listing on exchanges, all tokens need to be placed into Vesting contracts. Vesting contracts are smart contracts that automatically distribute tokens as per a defined vesting schedule. This ensures that there won't be any problems with market-making or FUD from users suspecting the team of dumping tokens. You will receive a full description of the Vesting contracts and how they work, once you are officially on-boarded to DAO Maker.
  • If you might wish to be assisted in terms of secondary market consulting, we can offer and execute the following for you:
  1. Exchange introduction and management: DAO Maker will work towards brokering a deal between the company and exchange. This is associated with additional fees from the exchange. However DAO Maker has a 90% success rate to-date of getting projects listed.
  2. DAO Maker Liquidity is a key part of a sustainable token economy, therefore we offer white-label LP Farms to all our clients and help them make a proper campaign.
  3. We can set up Liquidity Pools on different platforms such as Uniswap, Pancake swap, Matic and others.
  4. Managing opening volume liquidation for clients. The initial opening event for all tokens on an exchange can be very difficult to manage especially if it's for highly anticipated token sales. Our team of experienced traders will trade the initial opening of the token in order to prevent pump-and-dump-like behaviours.
  5. Market-Making partners and guidance of treasury management and price action.
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